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Unique nutritional supplements with a balanced composition of vitamins and minerals are contained in three daily doses. It has everything your body needs.

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Welcome to the world of health and beauty under the Vitelit trademark. Caring for your health is the main goal of our company. The technological solutions developed by us, know-how, are used in Vitelit formulations and recipes, give our products unique properties to protect immunity and health. It increases energy and improves metabolism, protects the cardiovascular system, protects the lungs and airways, helps liver regeneration, helps to rejuvenate the body and skin, strengthens hair and nails, improves brain and memory, helps to detox and antioxidant effects on the body as well as much more.

Leading laboratories in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic have contributed to the creation of exclusive Vitelit trademark products. The use of modern innovative technologies together with European quality ensure the high efficiency of our products. All Vitelit products are produced in Switzerland and Austria and have passed the necessary certification. Despite the successes already achieved, we develop and improve the quality of our products, engage in the development of new recipes, search and implement innovative technologies.


The unique effect of products

Vitelit preparations helps to increase immunity and energy, improve metabolism and normalize the work of all vital body functions. It makes up for the lack of vitamins and minerals.


Guaranteed European quality

The recipes were developed by leading laboratories in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Vitelit products are produced in Switzerland and Austria and have passed the necessary certification.


Balanced composition

The number of elements in Vitelit products is selected in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Who are the Vitelit products for?

For athletes and professionals

For people with an active lifestyle

For elder people

To support disease treatment

For quick recovery after rehabilitation

For people with vitamin and mineral deficiency

Not eating properly

Mental hard work

Physically hard work

For people with reduced immunity and metabolism

What is the power of TRINITY?

The daily dose of Vitelit is divided into 3 times (TRINITY system) taking into account the interaction of all the components contained, which increases their digestibility by 70%. Not all minerals and vitamins interact positively with each other at the same time. For example, vitamin B12 does not interact well with vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, as well as with iron and copper. In turn, vitamin C enhances vitamin A, E and iron. The separate intake of balanced vitamins and minerals is the only way to correct their deficiency in the body this is proved by science. Each dose of Vitelit TRINITY supplements is a uniquely selected formulation in terms of quantity and interaction of elements. Vitamin and mineral compatibility table

High digestibility

The daily dose of preparation is divided into 3 parts. The components of the morning, lunch and evening reception are selected according to the influence of the time of day on the body. Energy concentration is in the morning dose, uniform distribution of energy is in a lunch dose, preparing the body for rest is in an evening dose.


The correct combination of components ensures about 70% body effect enhance compared to standard vitamin-mineral complexes.


It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body in a daily dose.

Unique recipe

The unique composition of balanced components has no analogues.

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Vitelit INTENSE TRINITY nutritional supplement

Comprehensive immune and metabolism support

Will intensively fill the body with vitamins and minerals

More than 22 certified components selected by quantity and TRINITY System compatibility criteria. It helps strengthen your immune system and improves metabolism


It is suitable for all age categories from 14 year. Additional intake of vitamins and minerals is not required. It will fill up the deficiency of vitamins and minerals as much as possible under stress, illness and rehabilitation, with intense sports and heavy physical or mental labour.


The product is created in the EU. The product is certified. Impeccable quality of components. It is made in Austria.

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Action Vitelit Products

immunity protection

strength and endurance

anti-oxidant properties

stress reduction

health of skin, nails and hair

memory enhancement

joint protection

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