What we do?

Welcome to the world of health and beauty from VITELIT. The main goal of our company is to take care of human health and the quality of his life. In our online store you will find a wide selection of nutritional supplements, produced according to the most modern developments in the food industry. All ingredients have passed the necessary certification issued by the best and most experienced European manufactures. Despite the success already achieved, we do not stop developing and improving the quality of our products, creating new recipes and implementing innovative technologies.

What we offer?

We offer you a range of products that are focused on improving both specific organs and the whole body. Each of our products has an enhanced targeted effect. So, VITELIT CHONDRO strengthens bones and joints, VITELIT OXIMA is designed for people who have respiratory problems, VITELIT OPTIX helps improve vision, VITELIT HETOXAN positively effects liver functions and facilitates intoxication. VITELIT CARDIO is specially developed to support the circulatory system. VITELIT ENTRANORM will take care of your digestive system. For people who pay special attention to their appearance, we can offer VITELIT BEAUTY formula that takes care of the condition of hair, skin and nails and emphasizes your beauty and personality. For the immune protection we introduce VITELIT BALANS, which comes to the rescue during seasonal diseases. For athletes and people living an active lifestyle, we can offer INTENSE TRINITY – it contains all the necessary components for the normal functioning of your body in conditions of high stress.

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